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Aesthetic & Hair Restoration

At Abrams Aesthetics & Hair Restoration, Dr. Abrams has gathered the most advanced hair restoration technology to provide the first and only Artas Robotic hair transplant center and Neograft system in the state of Nevada. With advanced robotic technology, we provide our clients with the most gentle, viable, and natural hair transplant surgery without using blades or sutures. With the advent of Robotic surgery, hair follicular grafts are transplanted one at a time, in the most accurate and consistent technique using artificial Intelligence. This provides minimal manipulation and the highest yield and most permanent results for our clients. Combining the robot technology and Neograft system provides our clients with the highest density and the most natural results available to date.

Dr. Abrams, a double board-certified surgeon, is recognized for successfully introducing the most advanced ophthalmic laser technologies to the state of Nevada for the last two decades. Dr. Abrams has received Certificates of Recognition from Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Senatorial Recognition from Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid for his services as a surgeon. Dr. Abrams is now focusing on the newest and most advanced robotic technology in hair transplantation.

Dr. Abrams received his medical degree from UCLA School of Medicine and continued with additional training at UCLA, Tulane Medical Center, and UC San Diego. Dr. Abrams functioned as Chief resident at Tulane University and Assistant clinical attending physician at UC San Diego. After his training, Dr. Abrams started practicing in Las Vegas and has functioned as Chief of Ophthalmology and Medical Director of Eye Trauma at Sunrise Hospital. With 25 years of experience with microscopic surgery, Dr. Abrams is best trained in harvesting, preserving, and transplanting hair follicles with the most gentle and safe approach giving his patients the best possible outcome.

To help obtain the best results for our clients, Dr. Abrams focuses on combining both medical and surgical treatment options to create and maintain the highest density hair transplants for our clients. This includes combining our proprietary treatments, including traditional PRP, PRF, nanofat injections, and the no-needle Jetpeel technology to nourish the existing hairs, stimulate dormant follicles, and prolong the lifespan of each hair follicle. This will help maintain the existing and transplanted hair follicles.

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