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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Ready to say goodbye to your unwanted ink and start fresh? Look no further than Abrams Aesthetics and Hair Restoration for advanced tattoo removal services using the PicoSure Pro Laser. This state-of-the-art laser technology uses ultra-short picosecond energy pulses to dissolve tattoo pigment, providing a safe and effective tattoo removal option for all skin types. Unlike other laser technologies, the PicoSure Pro Laser requires fewer treatment sessions and has been proven to be more effective in removing stubborn tattoo colors.

If you’re ready to remove your unwanted ink for good, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Abrams Aesthetics and Hair Restoration online. Our laser specialist will assess your tattoo and recommend a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs.


At Abrams Aesthetics and Hair Restoration, we understand that pain management is an essential aspect of any procedure. That’s why we offer Nitronox sedation to help our patients manage pain and anxiety during their treatment. Nitronox is a gas mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that is inhaled through a small mask, providing fast-acting pain relief and relaxation. This sedation method is safe, effective, and wears off quickly, allowing patients to resume their daily activities after their treatment. With Nitronox sedation, you can rest assured that your comfort is our top priority.
The number of treatments needed depends on the tattoo’s size, location, and color. Our laser specialist will provide a personalized treatment plan during your consultation.
Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment. However, some redness and swelling may occur for a few days. Our team will provide aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing.

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